How to condition plakat fighter fresh from pond

If plakat fighter is aggressive and you see it looking incomplete or torn, don’t panic. This is because plakat fighter have sharp teeth and aggressive, hovering in ponds so many time they may fight little bit in pond. After move to jar and conditioning the fish for 5-7 days, it will return to its perfect usual appearance.

To condition a fighter betta fresh from the pond, you must use a round jar. Reiterate – only a round jar, because if you condition a fish fresh from the pond in a square jar, The space may appear narrow. If the fish sees its shadow in the corner of a square jar, it may think it’s an opponent and bite, causing injury or a loss of its sharp mouth/teeth.

For a fish fresh from the pond, using a round jar is most important for achieving high performance conditioning. In a round jar, the fish will not mistake attack and loss teeth or mouth.

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