Making Fermented Indian Almond Leaf Water

Pick dry Indian Almond Leaves that have fallen from the tree. The leaves can be red, yellow or brown in color but focus brown because it dry and the best for bettas. Then wash the leaves with clean water. A little potassium permanganate may be used to help with cleaning.

Warning : Do not pull leaves directly from the tree as green leaves are poisonous for bettas.

– Make sure the leaves are completely dry by leaving them in the sunshine again for 1-2 days.
– Check that the leaves are dry, then wash them again with clean water.
– Wrap the Indian Almond leaves in a white fabric and put them in a tank (use 1 kg of leaves for 20-40 liters of water). Add a handful of salt, then close the tank for 1-2 days. Do not leave it for longer as the leaves may rot and contaminate the water.

Warning : If the water smells strange, is nearly rotten, or you see mucilage or mold, do not use it.

– Remove the Indian Almond leaves from the tank.

Mix the indian almond leaf water in a jar for your bettas until it reaches a tea-like color. Avoid a dark color as it may cause eye cloudiness in fish.

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