Plakat fighter training (chase 1 female)

Plakat fighter training very important. Many players think good fish don’t need practice and finally fish may look good and aggressive in jar but When fight in arena the results not good. So trust me, good fish must be good take care and good training before go to fight in arena. If you training When You fight them in arena You will see very good results.

Training is essential for best results in match of plakat fighters. Each players may have different how to training plakat fighter. But the same aim is win in the match. Have many about training plakat fighter but this article is popular training in Thailand.

Plakat fighter training chase one female plakat fighter in Big tank. (Video is big tank 10 gallon)

  • Select good healthy and aggressive big female plakat fighter. Already condition 5-7 days put in big tank one night before training day.

Start Training
Day 1 : Morning : Before training open paper between jar for male fighter see opponent other jar 1 minute then move male want training to big tank already put big female one night. Wait male chase female in big tank 15-20 minute then move him back to jar.
Evening : training male same the morning. After already training feed him and rest.

Day 2 : Morning and Evening : training similar day 1 but change chase female to 20-25 minute/time

Day 3 : Morning and Evening : training similar day 2

Day 4 : Morning and Evening : training same day 3 but change chase female to 25-30 minute/time

Day 5 : Morning and Evening : training same day 4

Day 6 : (Rest day) Morning : give little feed
Evening : Put a small female plakat fighter in male jar. When the male bite 1 time instant move female out ( Bite 1 time only ) then give feed fish be full and then close cloth sleep.

Day 7 : ( Fight day ) Morning : ( If fight morning or afternoon don’t feed fish ) before move fish from home put a small female in male jar. When male bite 1 time instant move female betta fish (if not bite in 5 minute it’s ok ) then move male go to FIGHT.

*** 3 days before fight day change water half in jar. Clean and change indian Almond leaf in jar.

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