Natural of plakat fighter each bloodline

This is natural of plakat fighter each bloodline. But current each farm each breeder attempt optimize plakat fighter each bloodline better than natural. So hard to say what bloodline is the best. Because many factors concerned.

Other factor
– female breeder
– water and environment
– weather
– breeding in cement pond or earth pond
– Fish food
– etc.

Pros of Malay bloodline
– fast bite
– fast slap attack
– hard skin
– unnecessary condition fish long time because skin dry
– Slap style and chase bite
– the best sharp teeth
Con of Malay bloodline
– Heart Vietnam bloodline and Indo bloodline better

Pros of Indo bloodline
– Strong face and mouth
– Thick mouth
– Powerful bite because structure body very good
– Usually Indo bloodline slow start but crazy bite in few time
– Super heart
– Usually fighter style
– Hard skin
Con of Indo bloodline
– Must condition long time because thick structure body.

Pros of Vietnam bloodline
– Fast attack
– Fast slap attack
– Strong mouth
– Sharp teeth
– Smart fighting
– Good heart
Con of Vietnam bloodline
– If compare skin, Malay bloodline and Indo bloodline skin better.

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