Effect each wound When attack from opponent

Wound Tail
Early fighter betta may be no symptom but when over time fish will show effect from wound sarabande lower some fighter lost this wound and fish may run. Fighter betta hard skin most fear this wound because between body and tail is point soft skin. If opponent focus tail although your fish endure , long heart or hard skin but if emphasize this wound few times may be see blood and fish may be run or motionless.

Wound ear
This is wound a lot fighter betta bite. This is dangerous wound often don't show effect but really lesions inside. Effect from this wound is fish may motionless , abdominal swell or if see blood from this wound fish may be run or die in few time

Wound Face Area
Fish hard skin may be don't fear this wound because opponent bite hard for make effect this wound. Dangerous if see blood from this wound some fish may be gum loss.

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