How to check teeth fish

How to check teeth fighter betta have many ways. In this article for example We used frequently.

Test fight fish in jar check fish bite through skin or not.
Example : Have fish same batch 5 fish test 1 fish fight in jar if fight about 10-15 minute can open wound opponent that show teeth ok...good but if over 15 minute fish can’t open wound or bite through skin opponent that show teeth fish maybe recoil or fish short teeth. This is most good how to check teeth fish but maybe how to waste fish

Test teeth fish with female in bag
Pick female fish ( rather wild ) put in plastic bag tie bag and put in male jar for test teeth male fighter. Please notice if male fighter bite bag first or second time bag leak that show fish teeth good but if male fighter bite over second time bag leak that show teeth ok. This is how to check teeth maybe not sure %100 but it is how to check ok.

PS. Really, have many how to test tooth fish depending on your aptitude see check teeth fish

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