How to check fish teeth recoil ( Primary Check )

How to check teeth recoil are many ways sometime maybe check difficult. In this article discusses the primary checks.

Open paper between betta jar if fish see opponent but seldom expand frighten (fish sorrow)
Check color fish if color pale down denote fish incomplete maybe sick.
Normally male fighter betta create brew more or less depending each fish some fish create a lot some fish create less that shows fish perfect strong or no.

Fish create bubble a lot shows they perfect and strong adapted training for fight ( You should be clear brew in jar every day and check brew in jar everyday for make sure )

Fish create brew less rarely or subnormal shows they not perfect they doing adapt with location or shows they will sick.

This from experience case spend time with them. If you hear fish gnash frequent shows fish teeth doing recoil or fish removing teeth left.
Fish yawn all day shows they have teeth sure but long or short maybe check with next step.

This is primary how to check fish teeth recoil ( Primary Check ) next article to write about how to check with how to test teeth fish and notice. Hope article from our benefit all players.

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