We are breeder plakat fighter generation 2 in Thailand. We play plakat fighter and learn breed since child. We are a seller in Thailand and very long time shipping to players all province fight plakat fighter in Thailand. We breed plakat fighter with champion bloodline from each arena or very good statistic results each batch for very good fighter and very good bloodline next Gen. Although We breeding fish with champion bloodline arena, but We also test fighting everytime before sell for make sure very good fish only. We are player as well, So We understand fish customer needs and want to sell the best fish for customers as well.

Support shipping
USA. Canada, Australia, England, Maxico, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, France, Swiss, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Dominican Republic, Asia area. Other country contact pleases.

We check information fighter betta worldwide long time and confident our fighter betta can fight small match – Big match. Good fish Good training Good result ^o^


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